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I've written many articles on Architecture and the Internet, the most recent can be found on Entablature. Here's a list of some of those articles (links will open in a new window):

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Design Morality

Design Morality, my novel about a young architect and his trials and tribulations of the design process and what it can take to make a great work of architecture, is now published. You can buy the book in either paperback or as an eBook:

Design Morality paperback

Design Morality eBook for Kindle

Design Morality eBook for Nook

Design Morality eBook is available for iBooks - search "Design Morality" in iTunes

Design Morality eBook for Kobo eReader


Neil Archer is an imaginative young architect who has designed the winning entry in the architecture competition for the new Boston History Museum. In an act of cowardice, his boss takes the credit and changes the design and Neil is forced to be silent and continue working on the project despite his objections. At a crossroads, Neil must face the realities of going forward. He has always relied on his own talent and instincts but he has never been a very good judge of character and he falls into a deep depression.

How does one so talented end up feeling so miserable? Does working for others allow for creativity? And who owns the rights to a design idea?

Although these are tough questions for Neil to answer, it takes the visions of a new design to revive him, and Neil soon realizes he needs his friendsí help to pursue his ultimate dream.

DESIGN MORALITY is a novel that will immerse the reader in the world of buildings and architects, exploring the trials and tribulations of the design process and what it can take to make a great work of architecture.


Architecture is something I've always wanted to do. I can't explain why - there are no other architects in my family. My parents remember my early sketches of buildings and floor plans, and my saying I always wanted to be an architect. Maybe others feel the same way or have had a similar experience.

Well, now I am an architect. I've been practicing architecture for many years, and my life is very rewarding. But with a profession which can be as life-engrossing as architecture sometimes is, early in my career ideas began to form of how things could be better. A few of those thoughts were written, more as a way of clarifying some of my theories for myself than anything else, and this eventually lead to an outline for a short story. Upon the advice of a few early readers, the concept grew, characters were further developed, and Design Morality was conceived.

In architecture circles, Ayn Randís novel, The Fountainhead, is widely discussed, and if any fan of the profession has not yet read it, you should. But aside from this one bold view of the individualís ideas versus the needs of society, architects have had little representation in modern fiction. Many can recall Michael Brady and Elise Keaton as architects on television. And in the movies, Tom Hanks, Woody Harrelson and Richard Gere have all played architects. However, the ideas behind these shows were primarily about something else, not architecture.

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