My journey into the world of teaching resources started in 2014 when a teacher friend of mine asked if I could draw some clipart for her. She as making a teaching activity and couldn’t find a good drawing of a crab. I said sure, I could give it a try – looked up crabs, then drew a cartoon-looking crab just to see if that was what she wanted. I had to draw them in pieces because her kindergarten students were to glue the body onto the shell, then the eyes onto the body.

I then drew a few other things for her: a snowman maze for Winter, a New Year’s set of kids wearing glasses, and a leprechaun for St. Patrick’s Day. These were all incorporated into resources she uploaded to the Teachers Pay Teachers website where they are for sale.

I had some free time between other projects so decided I would give making clipart a try. I created my own store and logo – called KP Clipart. I then started drawing – simple shapes first, then outlines of people and animals, before starting on clipart kids. These were all fun to do, but also very time consuming. After nine months of making clipart products, they had not really sold very much. Some of the products I made are listed to the left.

After looking back at my friend’s products (which were selling very well), I searched through other teachers’ stores to see if there was something else that maybe I could create as a teaching resource. I decided to start making some historical activities for kindergarten-first grade age students – mostly because I love history so much and through it would be fun to do. I made an Ancient Egypt activity packet followed by a Castle (Middle ages) Activity Packet and then a Pirate Activity Packet. These started selling almost immediately, so I proceeded to make more. The next thing I knew (after a couple of years) is that I had over 200 products in my KP Classroom store!

Activity Packets on Teachers Pay Teachers:

Castle and Middle Ages Activity Packet

Pirate Activity Packet

Ancient Egypt Activity Packet

Space and Solar System Activity Packet

Ancient Greece Activity Packet

Ancient Rome Activity Packet

Force and Motion Activity Packet

Measurement Activity Packet

Telling Time Activity Packet

Weather Activity Packet

Leap Day Activity Packet

Viking Activity Packet

Ancient America Activity Packet

Architecture Activity Packet

Bridges Activity Packet

Computer Activity Packet

Natural Disaster Activity Packet

Clipart I Have Made

Geometric Shapes Clipart

Special Shapes Clipart

Friends – Boy and Girl Clipart

Friends with Books – Boy and Girl Clipart

Friends Dancing – Boy and Girl Clipart

People: Children Outlines Clipart

People: Family and Parents Outlines Clipart

Animals: Cat Outlines Clipart

Animals: Large Dog Outlines Clipart

Animals: African Safari Outlines Clipart

Friends Playing Music Clipart

Friends Graduation Clipart

Buildings: American Houses Clipart

Buildings: Houses of the World Clipart

Construction Tools Alphabet Clipart

Sketchy Insects and Bugs Clipart